Fresh New Page

Iheadertake2Hi everyone! I have spent the morning working on my blog, (That is something I have not done in a very long time) You’ll have noticed, it looks very different! I decided to give it a fresh new page, or a face lift if you prefer. I had so much fun working on this, its light and airy and decluttered. Im working on some posts now, although I should probably be doing some homework and read articles. I was also given the honours of receiving two blog awards (a very long time ago now it seems) and I’m going to try my best and work on them because their fun right? but they do take a long time to track down people who have not received them and come up with questions, so I apologize in advance if I can’t make the time to do it. I mentioned in my New Years post that I got lots of books to read and I have read a fair amount of books in the last month and a half as things slowed down for me. I’m starting to write some reviews for some but if your interested in what I’m reading and/or have previously read, I encourage you to friend me on Goodreads! That is the one place I do update regularly as I am reading.

The site may be slow or not working at various times today, and I also apologize for that, I will be continuing to edit my page through out the day.

Warm Wishes,


Happy New Year!

about-meHi everyone and Happy New Years! I know I have been absent for too long now, it has been a very long and busy year and I sense it will continue into 2015, but I wanted to let you know I’m still alive and reading lots! I have a few drafts of book reviews I was meaning to get writing and publish but now as I look at it, I don’t even know what to say. I’ve read some great books and bought a lot more. Continue reading

Review: Before I Go to Sleep by S.J. Watson

10372351Before I start raving about how much I loved this book I must say, I almost didn’t read it, again. I bought this book from a used bookstore a year and a half ago but never got to reading it, until I finally decided I would read it this summer…never got to it. So on Sunday I was picking through my bookcase trying to decide what to read and thought, I’ll just go for this one. Continue reading

Wish it Wednesday

Is October already almost finished? Time is flying by super fast this term, I hardly have time to breathe! I almost forgot about Wish it Wednesday’s until I noticed the date. It’s the middle of the month and here we are again for another instalment of Wish it Wednesday! I have a wish list of books that is ridiculously long as any book lover would have. I have a wish list at Chapters, Amazon, mentally, in my notes, on Goodreads Continue reading

Fall Reading List

IMG_2587I put together a small reading list but I have had only time to read a couple pages to a chapter here and there. I have been reading Lord of the Rings for three weeks now and only half way through. School is killing me this year I have had absolutely no time to process anything or breathe. Continue reading

September Book haul

IMG_2532I have been so incredibly busy that I just have not had a chance to review any of the books I read last month but I can tell you I highly enjoyed the two children’s reads, Princess Academy by Shannon Hale and Fairest by Gail Carson Levine. I have mentioned in a few posts over the course of the last four months I have been on a no book buy. Continue reading