Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant by Veronica Roth

IMG_2355I Loved, Loved, Loved this series. I am a little late getting to reading these. The first movie has already been released and I am sad to say that I broke one of my rules and saw the movie before reading the books…. Oops. Anyways I read them all pretty fast because they were so good so I am doing my reviews for them all together. At this point I am sure that most people interested in this series has already read the last book so this review will contain spoilers for anyone who has not yet read them. Dystopias seem to be becoming very popular lately. maybe because of global warming, and the technological advances, especially in the food industry but I quite enjoy them. Veronica Roth is a great writer, given that she started writing these in Collage I am quite impressed. As a whole the series was good, a few inconstancies revealed in the the third book but overall it really made you think. I’m not from the states but I felt the entire time that I was wondering what was going on with the rest of the world, were they carrying on as we do now? Were they suffering like the states with experimental cities? It just made me very curious. IMG_2345

I loved Divergent, It was my favourite book of the whole series. I loved the beginning, starting off in Abnegation, going to school and seeing the end of Beatrice’s old life before the choosing ceremony. I liked the difference between how she saw the Dauntless, how they actually were, and how she was as one. We really got to know Beatrice through the Dauntless initiation starting with being the first jumper which was awesome and if that were me, I would not have gone first if I even did jump. There was a lot of really good character development, I loved Will, and Christina and of course Four. I did feel like it took a long time for things to happen, the initiation part was most of the book but I found it was necessary for the story to progress since we would see the end of factions in the second book, and the end of the experiment city in the third. I found most parts of Trish’s initiation time really interesting and action packed. Sometimes I was happy, sometimes a bit disgusted and other times on the edge with a bit of suspense. I loved how bad ass Trish’s mum was in the end and I was so sad to see her die, same with her father and Will. It was a very fast paced book, only took me about two days to read since I was so engrossed in it. I thought it was all very well thought out and well written and I cannot wait to re-read it. I really want to go zip lining now and try some train stunts…Okay maybe no jumping off trains in my future but it looked awesome!

5 starsIMG_2351

Insurgent was really good, not as great as Divergent but a very close call. I think If I were in this world I would have been Amity because of my personality and I loved getting a glimpse of them at the beginning since we didn’t really hear much of them during Divergent. I wanted to yell at Trish for doing stupid things. I must talk about the end first before I talk about some of the other things. Peter, OMG he actually saved her. I could not believe it, I mean I knew that Tris would have to be alive, there was a third book and all but I never expected Peter to be the one who saved her from death, maybe her brother but not him. After all the problems that Peter had caused it was a really nice surprise. I still don’t like him, even after reading the third book but I was influenced by that act to not hate him so much. Caleb on the other hand I have a love/hate relationship for. I never suspected that he might still be an Eruidite working for Jeanine so that totally blew my mind and the fact that he was doing tests on his own sister I just couldn’t deal with him… I did find Tris and Tobia’s relationship quite annoying in this book, there were bound to be tensions and this is not a love story by any means but I think there could have been less fighting between the two of them. I thought it was a little weird to have Tobia’s mum turn up alive and have a band of factionless to take over but I was not surprised either and it did make the story a lot more interesting.

4 stars


IMG_2357Allegiant didn’t quite hit the mark for me compared to the first two of the series. There was only really action at the beginning when they left the city and at the end when they were stopping the Beau which disappointed me. The whole middle part was not all that interesting other than learning the ins and outs of the Beau and seeing how they would adapt to their new world. I got really frustrated between the relationship tensions of Tris and Tobias, the anger and annoyance went on a little to long since it started in the second book but I was happy when they finally were on great terms again, AND THEN SHE DIES!!! That just killed me, come on I get sometimes we can’t have the romantic ending we want but this one just kind of sucked. I get what it added, the selfless part of Tris and how she risked her life to save everyone in need. It was looking so hopeful too when she was immune to the death serum but come on! Tobia’s character seemed to take a nose dive, He wasn’t the same awesome person we met in Divergent and I was really disappointed with that. Him and Trish kind of switched roles and she became the 18 year old leader and he the 16 year old beginner. Then with the switching between point of view, I sometimes would forget who was talking because they would sound the same. So much more could have been done with this story line, what about everything that was happening in the city with the factionless? They left and then suddenly it doesn’t matter anymore, I don’t know I just needed more. Oh and Tobias just has a small chat with his mother and suddenly everything is over and she wants peace? What a huge waste of time… I did not like the ending, not just because Trish dies and it should have been Caleb but everything was done so fast and it was kind of boring, I just skimmed though.

3 stars

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